About Profectus

Profectus is a clinical-stage vaccine development company pioneering a major evolutionary step in the design and development of preventive and therapeutic vaccines for infectious diseases and oncolytic vaccines for cancer immunotherapy.

Our novel approach is based on a proprietary technology platform that allows us to quantitatively and qualitatively tailor effective immune responses to specific targets. The Prime/Boost System of Vaccines (PBS Vax™) platform provides the ability to “tune” the immune response to whatever is required for a specific target and disease context. The exceptional flexibility of this platform overcomes the shortcomings of current DNA and classic prophylactic vaccines, enabling us to address targets of high unmet medical need.

We apply our innovative platform to diseases for which current approaches are either ineffective or nonexistent. We are focused on:
  • Major chronic viral infectious diseases and their associated cancers—areas of large unmet need where our technology can have the nearest-term impact with substantial business potential in developed countries
  • Emerging infectious diseases of public health and biodefense importance where there is significant opportunity for global health impact and business success
  • Advanced-stage cancers for which oncolytic vaccines for cancer immunotherapy hold great promise through their ability to selectively destroy tumors while simultaneously boosting patients’ immune systems to continue killing residual cancer cells
The PBS Vax™ discovery engine is rapidly creating a pipeline of differentiated new vaccines. Profectus’ clinical-stage vaccine franchise for the filoviruses (Ebola and Marburg viruses), which has received substantial funding support from the federal government, includes a vaccine for Ebola that is currently in Phase 1 clinical evaluation and a pre-IND-stage “trivalent” vaccine that is engineered to protect against all species of Ebola and Marburg viruses. Additional vaccines for chikungunya virus and the Western, Eastern, and Venezuelan encephalitic virus complex are at early manufacturing and preclinical efficacy testing stages, respectfully. The safety and immunogenicity of the underlying technology platform used for this series of vaccines has been demonstrated in multiple human clinical trials to identify an HIV-1 vaccine.

Profectus actively seeks to apply the PBS Vax™ platform in collaboration with pharmaceutical and biotechnology partners. We are committed to exploiting the full potential of our technology and the timely development of novel vaccines through our growing pipeline of proprietary vaccine candidates and through partnerships focused on applying PBS Vax™ technology to create new vaccines or to transform existing and pipeline vaccines to achieve greater immunogenicity.

We have assembled a strong management team with world-class expertise in evolving first-in-class and best-in-class vaccines from basic discovery research into FDA-approved products. Profectus has integrated all the knowledge and expertise necessary to design, test, manufacture, and clinically evaluate its vaccine products. Profectus has an experienced vaccine development team from a major pharmaceutical company with proven skills to execute the company's commercial vision of creating new vaccines that will make a significant impact on the health of patients worldwide.

Profectus has received validation through early-stage non-dilutive funding. The discovery and initial preclinical development of the company's vaccine platform was financed through federal research grants. These competitive awards provide strong early validation of the company's novel technology and approach.
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